Naturist Girls vs Mother Nature

Guest Blog By: Anon
Everyone is blogging these days, and so I determined to join the trend and offer you my ideas on a topic which is dear to me: naturist girls. (I sign it as Anonymous because I don’t want to lose any of my naturist women buddies!)

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Dear Naturist Girls:
I wish you had leave nature alone.
I got a friend Tasha whom Ive known since my school days. I am very much fond of her is this incredible artist! Each human body is in equilibrium with regards to size, shape and color. No two women’s bodies are exactly Last week I took advantage of the wonderful , but each is beautiful and is just what it is supposed to be – when it’s left alone (!). Change only one thing, and the whole does not function.
It is about the complete appearance being in balance. But look what occurs when a nude woman wears make up: her face appears plastic, counterfeit, and the remainder of her body seems washed out. It just seems wrong.
Beloved Made-up Nude Girl, please wash your face so your appearance will maintain equilibrium.
The same applies to hair. Some tinting will happen, but please approximate Mother Nature’s program and palette.
A natural, nude older woman is amazing, but she is unbalanced if her hair attempts to look twenty-five.
You Are Naturally Beautiful!
And, at any age, there is the matter of general color balance: there is the woman whose skin tone tells you that she didn’t used to be the red head she is now, and there’s the darker-skinned redheat.
It does not work. They’re unbalanced. They’re not as wonderful as they were meant to be.
Natural Naturist Women
About pubes: Graphics from nudist magazines of past years reveal girls with pubic hair. More recent graphics show most of the women shaved, and the visual equilibrium with the remaining body is disturbed.
But please don’t over-do it. Please leave enough to seem natural. Does one think pubes are ugly? I don’t, and I think Barbie is boring.
Now for jewelry and tattoos. (This is a biggie.) I have never seen a nude body part (or a entire naked woman) that looked better because of a piece of jewelry or a tattoo. I understand the attractiveness of body decoration. It can be fun. The piece of jewelry or the tat can be uncommon and interesting. It can be quite. It can make a statement. It can qualify you as an associate of an organization.
Pubic Hair Image From The Naked to Bush Interview
If this’s what you desire, go for it I do not expect you to care what I prefer to see. But take note that that tat or that piece of jewelry brings attention only to itself – and by attracting attention to itself it unbalances the way Nature intended you to be seen.
Body Favorable Pubic Hair Naturial Beauty Art
You might need the decoration to draw attention away from another body part that you don’t like, but that just reduces the whole amazing you.
I might think, Oh, she’s gotten a nipple ring (or a tattoo, or jewelry, everywhere); but I wouldn’t believe, Gee, that nipple ring actually makes her look great!. It does not. As parts of your entire body, your nipples really are finer just as they’re.
This treatise lacks sex equilibrium (duh), so please understand that I just do not care what men look like. I do not anticipate anyone to do anything (or not) based on what I prefer to see, and I do not always expect anyone to agree with me (although I suspect a good many will). These are just one naturist man’s opinions.
September 2012

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