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howdy evry one superb site love the pic and here are some of my wifey i think she is hot for her age please call these my hot wifey we love all comments that you
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Very first Time

Saturday 18th November 2017
where do I send contributions-I will attempt here but if it is the wrongplace let me know! these are pictures taken at a local renassiance festival-prettytame but use what you want and throw the rest away-the now sony mvc-fd7with the 10x zoom puts you right there and there is not much danger in gettingnoticed!...
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Saturday 18th November 2017
these are pics of one of my ex girlfiends, she loved to have lovemaking and suck dick, sorry no money shots but she always loved for me to spunk in her mouth...
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coming up in November

Very first Time
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Cleveland! I never thought I would visit Cleveland! From opening day with the Tigers, we cruised to the NBA playoffs. Guess who's jersey I had to buy? Maybe it's a little snug and brief on me, thoughts? We stayed with some friends, but I couldn't woo her to join in, damn. The "activities" after the game were much more interesting than basketball. I had to go effortless on the furniture...we messed it up a little bit. The folks in the mansion were much more satisfied than the Cavs, when they witnessed my pics! It was the "fee" I had to pay for their hospitality. I hear there is a Stanley Cup may be my next destination. Go Wings?


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