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My hubby likes to demonstrate off his fresh bathing suit, as well as other things. He's always has his eye out for another woman to join us. Please don't flash e-mail address.
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Saturday 18th November 2017
Sophie: I can't believe I looked like that. This is earnestly scary. I perceive so fat now. I agreed to post because I indeed want fair feed back. My spouse says I'm hot, but I'm kinda an ungly duckling. (Jeremiah: she weighs 107 in these pics and now weighs 120 milky and actually has an ass.)...
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Saturday 18th November 2017
Like I said on the VW contri, we embarked these pics outdoors at a state park. My nips got rather cold quickly. So, we moved it indoors. Which worked out well, cuz I got to get a little wild...
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coming up in November

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Dear Kate, Asher, Zoey, et al, Well, you have put up a challenge that I believe I'm up for. For the most part I attempt to be modest, but I guess my butt is my fave and I like to boast...hehe! Please forgive :) While vacationing in Jamaica, I was told by a Jamaican that I have a Jamaican butt (wow that was a lot of Jamaica!). I took it as a compliment and have been proud ever since! *G* Actually since that fateful tour to Jamaica and the very fateful very first contri 'Tanning Oil', I haven't sensed the same about my looks since. I notice that I smile more, stand and sit up straighter, and all and all have a nicer attitude in the direction of life. Which brings me to a post in the GBB, by Lora I believe, that asked a survey question of what would you do if you eyed a contributor in real life. I have often wondered when someone takes a 2nd or longer look at me if they recognize me from the naturist or if it's just that I always have a smile on my face, cause I'm thinking about you guys. *EG* I think it would be pretty cool to be recognized, peculiarly if they have something nice to say. But I guess you never know until it actually happens. Wow, I guess I got waaaay off the subject there! I hope everyone luvs the menagerie of pics I've assembled. We didn't actually put together a shoot for this, just took a few of my faves (and Jme agreed ;) ) from some of our sets, past and introduce. I love reading everyone's comments (be nice!) from folks, women, and couples. I do attempt to react on the BBS, but it's not always possible. I'm sorry if I didn't react to anyone's, but know that I do get very revved on by everyone's wonderful compliments! And Jme always appreciates that!


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